Medical doctor is needed every year more and more people are involved in the field say the most challenging. Impressed with the story of Ibn Sina, which is the leading Islamic doctor, many people follow this. Contribution of Ibn Sina in medicine is not only recognized the Muslim world but also Western scholars.

But in the excitement of chasing the title of a Muslim doctor, a person should act and berperwatakan pursued in tandem with the title. It is not merely a medical student to learn Islam Muslim doctor called


Dress is ethical concern to a doctor who holds and will hold the title of a Muslim doctor even medical students, there is no exception. As a professional group, should one dress out of ethics outlined by the tenets of Islam in line with the requirements of even working in the medical field.

Clothing is one of the three basic and important to be held and filled by every man in any walk of life. In addition to the basic needs, clothing can also be the result of a personality, as symbols or signs, and other constitutional. 

The criteria is not enough just to dress according to custom measurements, because customs can vary according to age (not syumul). Therefore, the clothing or in a language easily fashion can also be changed. As is the measure of religion is the most accurate for determining the ethics or the criteria that cover private parts to dress to suit the requirements of legislation.


In the Qur'an, many found the verses that command that people have a moral character. Moral (akhlakul Karimah) is needed in life, which sometimes must face trial / test physical and spiritual. With various forms of moral life trial could run until we are blessed by God.

We are always confronted with a 1001 drive-pressure resistance and life. Pressure comes from ourselves or from others. Not often we are confronted with those nearby, such as parents, relatives, friends, and even the whole society. This is a kenescayaan, especially if we live together with others. That happens because we do not have a heart and common purpose. That's what caused the occurrence of pressure in life.

Just as individuals, we often face the problem, then more if associated with others. That is why Islam has taught moral character to deal with it and interact with others with good mixing. 
As a future doctor Muslim, one should already know and be able to develop a noble character in itself. It all started from AWARENESS ...


In writing a Islamic novel Dr. Hadi Farhan, in it contained many things that must be undertaken by a Muslim doctor. So, to equip themselves with adequate knowledge of religion is the most important base for the muslim where doctors will have patients who do not know the basis of religion, the procedure for patients and prayers.

A doctor should also know how to treat and capture the hearts of patients with al-quran and trust in Allah, in the treatment of disease.
being a doctor for the ummah is my main vision .....

Practice of medicine combines knowledge of science as the basis of evidence and the arts in the use of medical knowledge with intuition and clinical considerations to determine the treatment for each patient.
In a 'medical encounter, health service providers should:
·         create a relationship with patients
·         collect medical history data, system interrogation, physical examination, and laboratory or imaging studies)
·         analyzed and synthesized data (assessment or diagnosis different)
·         provide a treatment plan
·         treat patients according to plan
·         evaluate progress and modify treatment plans according to circumstances
Medical meeting that was recorded in medical records are legal documents. 

MUSLIM DOCTOR not only in the name of a Muslim medical student, but .....MUSLIM itself means and how we approach based on Islamic ethics and not contrary to Islamic law.

Wallahu'alam ... ...


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"Allahurobbi..Hakikatnya, sedikit kata-kata dan komen yang berterusan daripada pembaca dan sahabat sekalian sudah mampu memberi semangat dan dorongan kepada penulis yang sedang berperang dengan masa di 'daerah' ini."