(Remember), you are the person who called you this habit to spend some of your wealth in Allah's way

then some of you that is mean, but he is mean but he is mean only for himself, and (remember) Allah is Rich (no need of anything), but you all poor people (who always need Him in all cases)

and if ye turn back (from the right, right, and the likes) he will replace you with other people and, when they would not be like you.

(Surah Muhammad: 38)
(Here you are now invited to spend in Allah's cause: but among you are those who withhold (stingily) MEANING, THEY Refuse to spend. God continues,

(And whoever acts stingily but is stingy toward himself.) Meaning, he only reduces his own rewards, and the bad outcome of that will come back to him.

(For Allah is indeed al-Ghani) He is in need of nothing else, whereas everything is ever in need of Him. Thus, Allah says,
(While you are the needy.) Meaning, specifically of Him. The description of Allah as Al-Ghani (in no need) is a necessary description of Allah, on the other hand, the description of the creation as Faqr (needy) is a necessary description for them that they can not avoid. Allah then says,

(And if you turn away,) which means, if you turn away from obeying Him and adhering to His Laws.
(He will replace you with other people; then THEY will not be like you.) Meaning, rather, THEY will be people who will listen to Him and obey His commands.

And God is Worthy of all Praise and gratitude ...

Taken from Tafsir ibn Kathir ...

Sama2 we ponder upon the above verse .......

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